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“Our vision is a world where nature is held sacred, where indigenous communities are honoured and where all beings are able to co-exist in perfect harmony.”
Our Mission
To protect Earth’s natural ecosystems by unifying the great indigenous tribes of the world, while repairing humanity’s severed connection with nature.
A positive, practical approach
The world’s indigenous communities have always guarded and preserved our most important natural habitats. The World Tribal Alliance (WTA) will reinforce these efforts by uniting them under one global movement.
We advocate for indigenous voices to be heard at the highest levels, honouring the unique and essential perspectives that their wisdom provides.
We support ancestral rights to land while empowering our member tribes by showcasing the best of indigenous culture on the world stage.
By forging positive, personal and emotional connections to our indigenous brothers and sisters, we will help repair man’s severed connection with nature, and with himself.
The result is a sustainable legacy for generations to come.
May there be harmony in the hearts of our kind
May there be kindness and love in everyone
May there be the love of nature reflected through all
May there be abundance of nature in all
May love flourish from the nature in our hearts
May the religion of kindness sprout from nature
May the guardians of nature be respected as nature
May there be haven on earth.
Join the Movement
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